This policy is to set out the aims and practices of Kin Yat Holdings Limited ( "Company" ) in respect of communicating with both current and prospective shareholders.

The Company is committed to provide regular communications to shareholders and the market to ensure that they have all available information reasonably required to make informed assessments of the Company's strategy, operations and financial performance.

Communication with shareholders is based on compliance with Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ( "Listing Rules" ), Securities and Futures Ordinance and all other relevant laws, regulations and rules.


Clear communication and easy access to information are important objectives of the Company's communication strategy. Information is communicated to shareholders

1. Submit financial reports, circulars and announcements to the HKEx in accordance with continue disclosure obligation;

2. Provide press releases and operational updates to the media;

3. The general meetings; and

4. Arrange briefings and presentations to institutional shareholders and analysts.

The English and Chinese versions of the Company's Current Corporate Communications are available on the Company's website at and the HKExnew's website at .


The annual general meeting (AGM) is the principal channel of communication with Shareholders. It provides an opportunity for shareholders to obtain better understanding of the operating performance of the Company by hearing from and putting questions to the Board, management and auditors of the Company.

Shareholders are encouraged to attend all general meetings of Company. Notice of annual general meeting is delivered to all shareholders at least 20 clear business days prior to the date of the meeting, setting out details of each proposed resolution, voting procedures (including procedures for demanding and conducting a poll), the place, day and hour of the meeting and other relevant information.


Senior management of the Company responds to the email contact ( that are available to shareholders and investors.


The Board will review this Policy from time to time to ensure it remains consistent with the Board's objectives and responsibilities.


The Policy will be available on the Company's website and the key features will be published in the annual report.

Approved by the Board of the Company on 21 March 2012.