Manufacturing Businesses

Electronic Toys

Building on our solid industrial base in China, we continue to advance the breadth and depth of our core capabilities in toys development. Our cutting-edge R&D and enhancements in process design and automation, as well as focused strategies, have anchored us as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Our toys division is continually strengthening its R&D capabilities and developing new product concepts to align with changing global market trends. With an important niche in high-value-added electronic and movie-and-entertainment toys, the division's in-house R&D efforts are supported by a team of experienced electronic and mechanical engineers and software programmers.

As a spin-off from our core toys operation, the toys segment also comprises the development, design and manufacture of a broad range of feature plush, wooden and educational toys.

Accreditation and Compliance

The Group has constantly been upgrading its existing facilities, establishing testing laboratories and installing effective quality-control mechanisms, to stay well ahead of increasingly stringent environmental and quality mandates placed on manufacturers.

Quality Assurance
Product Compliance

Products also comply with RoHS, non-phthalate, PAHs, REACH (Organotin) and CPSIA regulations

Test Ability

Physical tests: Reliability, life, drop, torque/tension, high/low temperatures, humidity, transit, flammability, etc

Electrical tests: ESD, hi-pot, sound level, etc

Chemical tests: RoHS screening, RoHS heavy metal, heavy metal (total lead, cadmium, etc), phthalates, flame retardants, etc., undertaken at our in-house chemical laboratory at the Shaoguan Facilities

Intellectual Property Security

Non-disclosure agreements with clients and key staff

Punch-marking on engineering samples

Traceability system for engineering and testing samples

Access control and CCTV monitoring