• 1981|Group

    Founding of Kin Yat by Mr. Cheng Chor Kit, Chairman of the Group

  • 1981|Toys

    Founding of Kin Yat by Mr. Cheng Chor Kit, Chairman of the GroupCommences OEM toy manufacturing in San Po Kong, Hong Kong

  • 1985|Group

    Begins manufacturing in Shenzhen, China ("Shenzhen Luotian Facilities")

  • 1992|Electrical Appliances

    Expands into electrical appliance manufacturing

  • 1992|Toys

    Expands engineering capabilities

  • 1995|Motors

    Established "Standard Motor Holdings Limited", expands into motor manufacturing

  • 1996|Group

    Embarks on plan to expand production base to Shixing, Shaoguan, China

  • 1996|Toys

    Expands into wooden toys production

  • 1997|Group

    Listing on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 00638)

  • 2002|Motors

    Expands into micro-motor production with specialization in DC motors

Manufacturing Business

  • 2006|Group

    Sets up new facilities in Shixing, Shaoguan, China ("Shixing Facilities") to expand capacity

  • 2007|AI Robotic Cleaners

    Commences development of AI
    product series

  • 2007|Group

    Establishes an additional production base in Shaoguan ("Shaoguan Facilities")

  • 2009|Motors

    Acquires AC motor capability and productive assets

  • 2010|Motors

    Acquires productive assets in Malaysia for motor encoder systems and film/media

  • 2011|AI Robotic Cleaners

    Manufactures the 4 millionth iRobot, achieving a production milestone

  • 2014|Toys

    Upgrade the new production facilities extension with more highly automated production for optimistic order book of toys

  • 2016|Group

    To extend the production to Guizhou Province, the PRC and reduce the production cost

  • 2018|Group

    Migrating from automation to intelligent automation, moving towards Industry 4.0

  • 2019|Group

    Awarded [Caring Company] in recognition of the Group's fulfillment of social corporate responsibility by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service

  • 2020|Kin Yat Health

    Established own Brand, Kin Yat Health New product line- Medical/ Health Products Production of Protective Mask

Non-Manufacturing Business

  • 2004|Materials Development

    Invests in materials development business with focus on Indium Tin Oxide ("ITO") targets

  • 2011|Materials Development

    Sets up tailor-made new ITO Powder and Target production lines with advanced and improved designs and production technologies

  • 2012|Natural Resources

    Invests in natural resources development business

  • 2013|Property Development

    Succeeded in bidding of three lands in Dushan County, Guizhou Province, The PRC for property development

  • 2018|Glass Technology and Application

    Acquired in a glass technology and application company for expanding business