Manufacturing Businesses


After a series of successful mergers and acquisitions and business restructuring, the motors unit has not only expanded in scale but also in sophistication. It is now capable of developing, designing and manufacturing a wide range of micro-electric motors and related products, ranging from direct-current ("DC") motors, alternating-current ("AC") motors, and brushless motors to motor encoder systems.

One of our major strengths lies in our unique vertically-integrated production system that allows us to control not only the output but also all components in pre-production phases. The result is a consistent level of quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. Manufacturing is based mainly within our Shixing Facilities, which are staffed with highly experienced and well-trained engineers, and equipped with precision test instrumentation to achieve a high level of reliability.

The R&D effort also extends to the continuous enhancement of production equipment and research into related technologies. As a result, the products are manufactured under tight production guidelines dictated by strict quality control.

After years of effort and investments in business development, R&D, tests and trial production, the segment’s client base has continued to broaden. The segment now serves a wide range of clients in the automotive, toy, precision instrument, office automation and household appliance sectors.

Endowed with both advanced DC and AC motor production capabilities, and with an increased capacity for molds, components and parts, the business unit is well positioned to realize synergistic benefits from the previous acquisitions.

DC Motors

Operating since 1995 under the brand of Standard Motor, the DC motor business has developed an array of products widely applicable in the automotive, precision instrument and toy industries, and to office-automation, household and personal-care products. Featuring high-quality components, our DC motors provide all the flexibility and performance criteria needed for demanding yet cost-effective precision motion.

AC Motors

The Group’s new AC micro-motor unit operates under the brand of Smart Motor. This dynamic manufacturer is ready to meet the demands of today’s major industrial enterprises across the globe. The unit has in-house capabilities ranging from design and prototyping through to volume production. Equipped with advanced machinery and production facilities, the business unit has embarked on a mission to become the world leader in high-quality micro-electric motors and specialized automotive motors.


The Group operates facilities in Malaysia for the production of micro-electric encoder system/film and media. Our in-house capability to manufacture encoders supports the further development of our micro-electric motor business and complements our product offerings for customers.

Accreditation and Compliance

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008, Standard Encoder (Malaysia) SDN BHD


ISO 14001:2004, Standard Encoder (Malaysia) SDN BHD