Established more than 30 years, Kin Yat Group has consistently implemented the concept of innovative research and development. With its high value-added equipment and experience, it has continuously improved the level of production and development as well as achieved continuous product diversification.

At the beginning of 2020, Kin Yat Group has established its own brand, Kin Yat Health. With its solid industrial foundation, it has cooperated with existing core advanced production equipment, invested resources and manpower, new testing and production machinery and equipment; to develop, design, produce and sell a series of Medical and health products, including medical masks, protective clothing, protective equipment (helmet, eye protection filter cover), disinfection products ( Mobile phone disinfection box, UV disinfection box, portable UVC disinfection gun), etc.

In response to the new epidemic of COVID-19, Kin Yat Group started to conceive a mask production plan as early as January; in order to catch up with the supply of Hong Kong and global use, the existing clean room production facilities were intentionally transformed into mask production. At the same time, the factory complies with the ISO 9001 international standard, and we have allocated production resources and purchased materials at premium prices to invest in the production of masks, also purchased for additional disinfection equipment, the finished product has been double disinfected by UV and Ozone, and also passed PFE and BFE tests with result more than 98%, both ASTM-F2100 Level 2 and EN14683 TYPE IIR is passed with testing reports, masks are absolutely safe to use.

KinYat Group will offer its Kin Yat Health adult mask at first, which meets the standard PFE and BFE ≥ 98% standards. It is expected to be available at various online and offline sales points in mid-April in Hong Kong, and it is planned to be sold in mainland China and / or overseas markets as well.

In order to expand the business of masks and / or related products, Kin Yat Group has appointed Wiseman International Enterprise Ltd. as its Hong Kong sole agent, responsible for the sales of the Group's Kin Yat Health masks and / or related products.

Kin Yat Group is committed to charity activities. First, in August 2020, it donated more than 20,000 surgical masks to the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, to fight the epidemic together with the community. The donation plan will be continued.

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